Fischbein SB1000 Plus Saxon Band Sealer


The Fischbein SB1000 Plus Saxon Band Sealer is a technologically advanced continuous band sealer capable of closing a wide variety of plastic bags and pouches in all kinds of production environments. The standard model features a right to left operation direction, 2 PID temperature controllers with and easy to read, fully digital temperature display (Fahrenheit or Centigrade). The Saxon 1000 Plus is mounted on a height adjustable pedestal and mobile dolly. The unit’s electrical system is rated at a full IP54 (NEMA 12). This versatile plastic bag/pouch sealer is available in 230/380 volt configurations. Options Include:Extended Infeed System · Bag Top Trimmer Stainless Steel · Air Chiller ·Additional PID Temperature Controller · Air Wash Bag Top Cleaner ·Recommended spare parts kit For Pricing Please Call 800-798-8269

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