Fischbein PBC-8000 Pinch Bag Closer

Fischbein’s PBC 8000 Series Pinch Bag Closer is specifically designed for high volume bagging applications that use pre­‐glued, multi­‐wall pinch­‐style paper bags. The PBC 8000’s versatility and speed range makes it the perfect sift proof sealing solution when partnered with high speed automated twin bagging systems.  The PBC 8000 features a high-­‐speed, maintenance free, direct drive system; three independently controlled heat zones and extended folder system that produces high quality bag seals (pre­‐glued bag flaps up to 2½ inches) at speeds up to 150 linear feet per minute*.

The PBC 8000’s hot air distribution system consists of three temperature controlled heater manifolds featuring high efficiency dual finned elements. The stainless manifolds deliver the precise amount of heat flow to the pre­‐glued section of the bag, allowing for faster production with less energy use. The system’s mobile, height adjustable frame and Fischbein’s unique break away design make maintenance safe and fast. Other innovative features include a safe, user-­‐friendly, low-­‐voltage control panel, and air-­‐flow sensor and an over-­‐temperature shutdown sensor to prevent system overheating. This cost effective sealer is a valuable addition to any semi-­‐or fully automated packaging line. Standard operating direction is right to left.

Standard Features Include:
• Powder coat finish
• Breakaway feature for fast easy service
• Operator On/Off safety switches
• Extended infeed system for automated applications
• Bag jam detector
• Over temperature sensor shut down
• 18 ½ inches bag top compression section
• Bag top air scrubber removes dust from seal area
• 24 volt AC control voltage
• Dust tight NEMA 12 electrics
• Available system voltages 230/380/460 VAC – 3 phase
• Fischbein 6 month limited factory warranty