Hamer Model 800NW Net Weigh Integrated Seed Corn & Refuge Scale

The Hamer Model 800NW Integrated Seed Corn Refuge bagging scales are specifically designed to blend two streams of seed corn. Designed for optimum performance, the 800NW models have been developed in response to the seed industry’s stewardship program and mandates issued by the Environmental Protection Agency. They are specifically engineered to provide homogenous blending of the major and refuge corn hybrids, while capturing and reporting the required production information. These versatile scales can be used by seed corn producers for their refuge­‐in­‐a bag (RIB) or refuge in bulk (ProBox) applications.

Standard Features Include:
• Bag and ProBox capable from one scale system (with purchase of diverter valve)
• K­‐valve for refuge reject or isolated cleanout
• Auto calculated target weight and bulk/trim set points
• Hydraulic load dampening design
• Dust tight NEMA 12 electrics
• RIB weighment size from 25-­‐110lbs
• Accuracy 18­‐20 wpm +/­‐1 to 1.5 oz
• Up to 20 weighments per min.
• Bulk & dribble vibratory feeder
• Refuge weight range from 1.5 to 7 lbs @+/­‐1/100lbs