Hamer Model 600NW+-GSVO High Speed Net Weigh Scale with Gravity/Servo Feed

The Hamer Model 600 NW-­‐GSVO is a heavy duty net weigh scale with gravity gate feeders. Scale and feeder housing are constructed of carbon steel. The main scale assembly is built from 2×2 tubular carbon steel. Direct mount load cell weighing increases accuracy and speed, digital readout operator station using Rice Lake 920i digital weight indicator. Optional weigh hopper constructed of heavy gauge, 304 Stainless Steel with air operated double doors of re­‐enforced Stainless Steel. On the all Stainless steel version, contact points, gravity gate, weigh bucket, and weigh bucket doors are made of 304 Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance.

Standard Features Include:

  • High accuracy weighing
  • High-speed operation
  • Heavy gauge steel weigh hopper
  • Reinforced steel weigh hopper doors
  • 4″ (10.2 cm) dust collection port(s)
  • Truweighmechanical load damping
  • Rugged platform-style single point load cells
  • Industrial air cylinders, valves and pneumatics
  • Easy access removable scale side panels
  • Easy access removable panels for feeder options
  • UL Listed Controls
  • Model 600NW+ Multiple Feeder designs include:
    • Gravity
    • Two Speed VFD Belt
    • Vibratory
    •  Servo Gravity
    • Gravity/Vibratory
    • Dual Auger
  • High-resolution electronic scale indicator with:
    • Programmable Checkweigh
    • Scale status indicators
    • Surge hopper/silo fill level status
    • Simple programming screens
    • 100 product storage
    • Learn Pre-act


  • Hand Bagging Spouts: Center Grip, Dust Tight, Clamshell
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • 304 Stainless steel construction
  • Scale Support Structures
  • 304/316 Stainless steel product contact
  • Full bag conveyors, bag top closers
  • Collating chutes for hand or automated bagging
  • Automated bagging systems
  • Linear actuator control on belt feed product gate