Nitech Model 2020D-PS Stretch Wrap Machine


The Nitech Model 2020D-PS Stretch Wrap Machine is a high profile semi-automatic stretch wrapper with a quick-load film dispenser and a 200% powered pre-stretch. With this model the operator must only place the film on the load, push the switch and then walk away. The 2020D-PS will wrap itself by rotating the film and moving the film dispenser up until the photo-eyes see the top of the load and then it lowers itself back down. The machine uses a powered pre-stretch which will pre-stretch the film before applying, ensuring an even, strong layer of film throughout the entire process. This semi-automatic stretch wrapper is perfect for freeing up man-power and speed up production. This model uses a 48″ octagon turntable and has a weight capacity of 6000 lbs. It also has a production capacity of about 40 loads per hour and is forklift portable.

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