Fuji Ace – Robot Palletizer

Multi-Purpose: Can be used as palletizer or de-palletizer.Large weight handling: This unit has excellent load capacity along with long range vertical & horizontal movement.Flexibility of layout: Robot can load bags onto one or two pallets conveyors or up to 4 pallets on the floor.Variable pallet patterns: The Fuji Ace Robot is fully programmable to allow for any bag size or pallet configuration and can store many different configurations for different size bags or product lines.Small installation space requirement: The Robot palletizer only requires 1/2 the operational space as conventional palletizers.Low Price: The Fuji Ace Robot palletizer can be purchased and installed at a much lower cost than a conventional palletizer. 100% leasing is availableSpeed: The Robot Palletizer can palletize as many as 21.67 bags per minute.


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