Fischbein 500THP-EZ Pull Tape High Performance Tape Sewing System

Designed for high volume, single thread bagging applications up to 70 linear feet per minute – the 500 THP-­‐EZ™ is used with multi-­‐wall paper and laminated woven polypropylene open mouth bags to produce an attractive crepe or poly tape sewn bag with an EZ-­‐Pull tape closure. Featuring Fischbein’s Empress® 201-­‐SNGT-­‐R1 high speed tape sewing head and is easily integrated into any automated bagging line. The 500 THP-­‐EZ is safe and easy to use and it features our automated 29520KQA or 29530KQA independent sew head / VFD direct drive and infeed with timing belt. The infeed system trims the top of the bag – folds and positions the crepe tape and then presents the bag into the sewing head. The 500 THP-­‐EZ is mounted on a compact pedestal design that’s fully mobile and features a manual height adjustable sewing line that ranges from 28 to 60 inches high.

Requires a minimum of 6 inches of bag free top. EZ-­‐Pull tape applicator.

Standard Features Include:
• Powder coat finish
• PLC controlled and Operator “On/Off” safety switch
• Heavy duty tape and thread clipper (18600)
• Heavy duty 3.0 HP motor
• Heavy duty clutch system (A4795)
• Vortex needle cooler
• Quick change circular trimmer knives
• Lower, accessible crepe tape reel left hand mounted
• Manual height adjustment available on right or left side
• Powered tape feed system -­‐ Standard tape width is 2.5 inches
• Dust tight NEMA 12 electrics
• Air assisted trim blow-­‐off
• Synchronous Sewing Package (up to 70 fpm): Includes VFD direct drive infeed with timing belt and VFD driven 3HP (inverter duty) sewing head motor. Both VFDs are independently adjustable and master/slave synchronized for quick change. (choose 29520KQA infeed at 22.75″ or 29530KQA at 32.25″)
• Optical thread break detection, oil sensor package and tape break detection
• A2688 trimmer blades
• 24 VDC safe controls
• Electric voltages 230/380/460/575 VAC – 3 phase
• Fischbein 6 month Limited Factory Warranty
• Trim section ducts (31513)
• Clippings suction ducts (18644)