Fischbein 400-NS Sewing System with Fold Over Infeed & Corrosion Resistant Package

The 400 NS™ corrosion resistant package and fold-­‐over infeed, automatically folds the bag top over resulting in a stronger bag closure…making it the perfect solution for closing woven and laminated woven polypropylene open mouth bags. A minimum of 10 inches of free top (3½” max-­‐fold), and a minimum of 8 inch spacing between bags is required. Featuring Fischbein’s Empress® Model 100CR corrosion resistant sewing head, the system is easily integrated into any manual or semi automated bagging line. The 400 NS is safe…easy to use and operates at speeds up to 45 linear feet per minute, perfect for medium to high volume bagging applications with a fully-­‐ automated A2945 corrosion resistant infeed system. The 400 NS is mounted on a compact pedestal design that’s fully mobile and features a manual height adjustable sewing line that ranges from 28 to 60 inches high. A minimum of 10 inches of free bag top is required.

*For use on woven poly pillow style bags only.*

A2945 Corrosion resistant infeed


Standard Features Include:
• Corrosion resistant package;

o Stainless steel main enclosure and hardware
o Wash down heavy-­‐duty, 1HP electric motor
o CR Plus -­‐ 2 part Corrosion Resistant Powder Coat Finish
o Nickel plated external sewing head parts
o Coated Stainless Steel bag top folder

• PLC controlled
• Operator “On/Off” safety switch
• Solenoid operated air thread pusher (model 16400)
• NEMA 4 rated electrics
• 24 VDC safe controls
• Electric voltages 230/1 and 230/380/460 -­‐ 3 phase
• Sewing Stand components are either nickel plated or CR Plus powder coat finish, chain and fasteners are stainless steel.
• Fischbein 6 Month Limited Factory Warranty