Hamer Model 355 Produce Weighing and Bagging Machine

Simple feeding and dosing system designed specifically for root vegetables. Automatically feeds and dispenses from 20 to 100 pounds of produce into paper, mesh, burlap or poly bag using a staggered, cleat style feed belt.

Operator hangs bag on a pneumatic clamshell style bag clamp. When bag is placed the feed conveyor belt is started. Belt speed slows when the bag is with in two pounds of desired weight when predetermined weight is attained, belt stops and pneumatic clamp closes, automatically catching and
holding in­‐flight product.

The 355 has a mechanical counter balance weigh scale for determining fill weights. Two 50 Lb. weight boxes are included. Comes with 4 standard weight measurements; 20, 25, 44 and 50 lbs. Standard feed belt is 50­‐60 durometer rubber 1/16 x BB, T Cleat rubber 150B. Staggered cleats, 8” between cleats, cleats 2” high. Product load hopper is rubber lined.

Standard Features Include:
• Standard Jaw Size 10” X 9-­‐1/2”
• One Jaw Size reducer Plate 9-­‐1/2” X 9-­‐1/2”
• Product contact areas are rubber lined to prevent product damage
• Heavy-­‐duty steel construction
• Epoxy Paint
• High speed production rates
• Caster mounted for portability