Hamer Model 100GW High Speed Gross Weigh Bagging Scale with Center Grip Bag Clamp


Fast, Accurate Gross Weigh Filling

The Hamer Model 100GW high speed gross weigh bagging scale with (Center Grip Bag Clamp), brings true high speed, high accuracy weighing to gross weigh scales and offers outstanding performance in a small, easy to use package. A semi­‐automatic scale built of carbon steel or stainless steel, the 100GW (Center Grip Bag Clamp) utilizes a single pneumatically controlled, gravity feed gate and provides bulk fill or bulk/dribble fill for more accurate weighing. Dual load cell design improves accuracy, ensuring no off­‐center loading. The pneumatic bag clamp has a view window so operators are certain bag is properly positioned each time. The 100GW will automatically discharge bag when full, or use the auto bag hold to keep the bag in position for manual release. Minimum bag width – 8 inches.

Standard Features Include:

  • For free-flowing granular products like seed, animal feed, grains, dry sand, salt, plastic pellets, chemicals, fertilizer, and others
  • Paper, poly, polywoven, or woven bags
  • Up to 16 bags per minute
  • Durable all steel construction
  • Dual load cells for greater accuracy
  • Bulk or bulk/dribble settings
  • Easy access flow controls
  • Rice Lake 720i digital weight indicator
  • Simple software operation and set-up
  • Lbs/kg weight display
  • Bag clamp whisker switch
  • Bag hold switch
  • Auto zero
  • Auto bag in place
  • Auto hold for underweight bags
  • 4″ diameter dust port (Clamshell)


  • Center Grip
    • Bag Holder
    • Dust Tight Bag Holder
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Upright bag conveyors
  • Bag top sealers for all bag types
  • Bag palletizing systems
  • Complete bagging systems