Fischbein 400HP Plain-Sew Sewing System

This plain-sew sewing system with Rotary Knife Assy. is designed to close woven polypropylene, multi-wall paper bags. The 400HP Sewing System is easily integrated into any semi-automatic or fully automated bag sewing line. The Rotary Knife System makes this unit ideal for sewing plastic/poly-woven bags and for applications where bags are presented to sewing machine in close proximity (12″ or less between bags). Safe and user friendly, this plain-sew sewing system with high speed Empress Model 200 Bag Sewing Machine and high speed Model D4380-65 Power In-Feed Device is perfect for high volume bagging applications with operating speeds up to 75 linear feet per minute. Includes: Heavy-duty, adjustable height, compact, Low-Vibration Pedestal Unit with Photo-Electric start/stop activation of Bag Sewing Machine and Rotary Knife Assy., Cooling Fan for Bag Sewing Machine, Fischbein Model: D4380-65 High Speed Power In-Feed Device, Fischbein Empress Model-200 High Speed Bag Sewing Machine with Rotary Knife Assy. Available in 230/380/460 or 575 3-Phase Electricals, 90 PSI Air Supply Required. (Conveyor not included in price)


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