Fischbein 3920-ST Tag Placer

Used with a Fischbein sewing system, the 3920-­‐ST Tag Placer is used to automatically position a single product information tag on each bag -­‐ front or back as the bag is being sewn closed. As the bag top and product tag enter the sewing system infeed together, the sewing system stitches the bag closed and secures the tag to the bag. The 3920-­‐ST has a performance rate of up to 20 tag placements per minute. The universal tag magazine handles tag sizes ranging from 2.25 to 5.50 inches wide x 5.75 to 12.50 inches in length.
* Prior to placing an order, tag samples must be submitted to Fischbein to ensure they are in conformance with the 3920-­‐ST’s requirements.

Standard Features Include:
• Powder coat finish
• Pedestal height is adjustable with hand wheel
• Tagger head swivels 25° for optimal tag placement
• Improved tag separation
• Panel mounted adjustable vacuum sensor with digital display
• Mild steel construction
• Dual tag magazine bottom fed for continuous operation
• Tag stripper for positive tag positioning
• Left or right hand installation
• PLC controlled
• NEMA 12 dust tight electrics
• Voltage 115V 1 phase


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