Arpac Power Series Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

The Arpac POWER-­‐SERIES is a robust line heavy­‐duty, automatic stretch wrappers designed to maximize stretch film usage while ensuring the best load unitization for all material handling environments. The POWER­‐SERIES automatically attaches the film to a pallet, wraps the pallet, and cuts the film, wiping the tail to the pallet. With a 5,000 lb. capacity, this system is available in low and high profile turntable for forklift loading. Constructed with heavy­‐ duty reinforced structural steel, the POWER­‐SERIES® is guaranteed for years of reliable wrapping. The POWER­‐SERIES may be purchased with the WRAP-­‐N-­‐WEIGH® feature that combines wrapping and weighing into one operation, by integrating precision controls into the turntable base. The POWER­‐SERIES is available in high and low profile.

Standard Features Include:
• Remote lanyard to start cycle
• Adjustable top and bottom illuminated LED wrap counters from 0­‐7
• Magnetic proximity switches in place of mechanical limit switches
• Cycle pause feature and turntable jog control
• Top film over wrap control feature (TOC)*
• Electronic film tension adjustment control on control panel
• Independent up and down film carriage controls with jog up/down switch
• Manual jog control for turntable
• Upgraded photo eye for automatic load height sensing of all color loads
• Micrologix 1200 PLC Control System using UL/CSA approved components
• NEMA 1 electrical enclosure