Newlong DS-9C with A1PB & CM4900-3 Tape Sewing


This sew over tape sewing system is designed to apply crepe tape over and sew multi-wall paper bags. The Newlong DS-9C with A1PB & CM4900-3 Tape Sewing System is perfect for medium to high volume bag sewing applications. Includes: Newlong A1PB Heavy-duty, Adjustable Height, Suspension System with Photo-Electric start/stop activation of Bag Sewing Machine and Tape Cutting Assy., Newlong Model CM4900-3 Power In-Feed Device with Bag Top Trimmers and Newlong Model DS-9C Sew Through Tape – Bag Sewing Machine. Standard 220 Volt 3-Phase Electricals, 90 PSI Air Supply Required. (Conveyor not included in price)


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Weight 575.00 lbs