Fischbein PILS-300 Pinch Inner Liner Sealer


This PILS 300 Series is the 2nd generation of an innovative sealing system that’s specifically designed to be used with pinch style multi­‐wall paper bags that have a polyethylene inner liner (1 to 3 mil thick). The PILS features a continuous sealing process that sequentially seals the bag’s inner liner and then the exterior pre­‐glued bag top using Teflon coated folder technology and a high efficiency heater system. Reliable and easy to use, the unit’s variable speed drive system and digital temperature control means you can operate at bagging speeds up to 75 linear feet per minute. The PILS compact, motorized height adjustable pedestal design is fully mobile and can easily be integrated into semi or fully automated bagging applications. Standard -­‐ right to left operation.

Standard Features Include:
• Powder coat finish
• Patented breakaway feature for fast, easy service
• Operator “On/Off” safety switches
• Keypad VFD controller
• Bag jam detector
• Manual feed bag top guide
• Over temperature sensor shut down
• Bag top air scrubber removes product debris from seal area
• 24 volt AC control voltage
• Dust tight NEMA 12 rated electrics
• Available system voltages of 230/380/460 VAC – 3 Phase
• Fischbein 6 month limited factory warranty