Fischbein PBC-7500 Pinch Bag Closer


The Fischbein PBC 7500™ is a new state­‐of­‐the­‐art sealing system designed to seal pre­‐glued, pinch­‐style woven polypropylene bags, in addition to standard pre-glued, Multi­‐wall pinch­‐style paper bags.  Engineered with a high-­‐speed, maintenance­‐free, direct drive system with operating speeds of up to 75 feet per minute, the PBC 7500™ includes a user­‐friendly, low voltage control panel, air flow sensor, and over-­‐temperature shutdown sensor to prevent overheating. The system’s motorized height adjustable frame, and Fischbein’s breakaway feature, make for quick and safe maintenance. The PBC 7500™, with its unique flexibility to run a wid range of bags, is a valuable addition to any semi, or fully automated, bagging line. Standard: right to left operation.
*** Bag samples required. Designed for either paper or poly-­‐woven bags with pre­‐applied glue adhered ONLY to the top flap of the bag.

Standard Features Include:
• Powder coat finish
• Patented breakaway feature for fast, easy service
• Motorized height adjustable lift
• Operator “On/Off” safety switches
• Keypad VFD Controller
• Bag jam detector
• Over temperature sensor shut down
• Bag top air scrubber removes product debris from seal area
• 24 volt AC control voltage
• Dust tight, NEMA 12 rated electrics
• Available system voltages of 230/380/460 VAC
• Fischbein 6 month limited factory warranty