Fischbein 400T NS Tape Sewing System


This sew over tape sewing system is designed to apply crepe tape over and sew multi-wall paper bags. The 400T NS Tape Sewing System is easily integrated into any semi-automatic or fully automated bag sewing line. Safe and user friendly, this sew over tape sewing system is perfect for medium to high volume bagging applications with operating speeds up to 55 linear feet per minute. Includes: Heavy-duty, adjustable height, compact, Low-Vibration Pedestal Unit with Photo-Electric start/stop activation of Bag Sewing Machine and Tape Cutting Assy., Fischbein Model: A2700 Power In-Feed Device with Bag Top Trimmers, Fischbein Empress Model-101 Sew Through Tape – Bag Sewing Machine. Available in 230/380/460 or 575 3-Phase Electricals, 90 PSI Air Supply Required. (Conveyor not included in price)


Additional information

Weight 550.00 lbs