Bag-O-Matic with Union Special Model: 80800C


Des Moines Sewing’s Bag-O-Matic Unit with Union Special Model: 80800C Bag Sewing Machine was designed for medium volume bag sewing applications where only paper bags are sewn. This unit incorporates Des Moines Sewing’s 1033 Auto Start/Stop and Thread Cut-Off Switch which mounts to the bag sewing machine allowing the sewing machine to automatically start when the bag comes to the sewing machine and holds the sewing machine on during the sewing process. When sewing is completed the switch will deactivate – stopping the sewing machine and push the thread into the knives allowing the thread to be cut. Includes: 7 FT. Long x 12″ Wide Belt – Flat Conveyor with Foot Control Interrupt, Standard Adjustable Height Suspension System, Union Special Model-80800C Bag Sewing Machine, 1033 Auto Start/Stop and Thread Cut-Off Switch (For Start/Stop Operation of Sewing Machine), 110-Volt Electricals, Belt Guard, and Thread Stand (Holds Two 5LB. Cones)


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Weight500.00 lbs

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