Arpac Pro-Elite Powered Stretch Wrap Machine


Arpac’s Performance Level PRO ELITE­‐SERIES is a performance line of powered stretch wrappers with an advanced technology control system. Capable of wrapping 25 to 40 loads per hour, this 4,000 lb. capacity system features an electronic film feed drive, recipe storage, belt carriage lift system, and adjustable top and bottom wrap counts. The forklift
portable 60” round turntable for loads up to 52” x 52”, has a rotation speed of up to 15 RPM. The PRO ELITE­‐SERIES is built to last with a heavy­‐duty formed steel construction for years of reliable wrapping. Low to no maintenance and quiet operation, and easy to troubleshoot, the PRO ELITE­‐SERIES features controlled settings to ensure the right people have access to the easy to use controls.

Standard Features Include:
• Automatic Load Height Sensing
• 3 Wrap Modes: Bottom Wraps First, Top Wraps First, One Way Wrap
• 10 Storable Load Recipes
• Separate Up/Down Carriage Speeds
• Electronic Film Tension Control
• Security Access to Machine Settings
• Cycle Counter
• Dual Anti Stat Pre Stretch Rollers
• Eco­‐friendly, durable, powder coating
• Manual Jog Features for Turntable and Carriage
• Auto Home Button for Turntable
• LED Lighted Control Panel
• Available in High and Low Profile Turntables