Arpac Electro Wrap Rotary Tower Stretch Wrap Machine


Arpac’s ELECTRO­‐WRAP Rotary Tower pallet wrapper is a robust stretch wrapping machine capable of wrapping up to 40 loads per hour. Built to last with heavy­‐duty, welded steel construction and is manufactured and supported to offer trouble free operation, the ELECTRO­‐WRAP series accommodates 20” and 30” film rolls, and features an EZ­‐Load film delivery system, anti­‐static film rollers, and photo electric load height sensing. Mode of Operation: The pallet load is positioned under the rotary arm of the ARPAC Electro-­‐Wrap stretch wrapping machine. The film is automatically attached to the pallet load to begin the stretch wrapping cycle. The rotary arm then moves around the stationary load while the EZ­‐LOAD® film pre­‐stretch module stretches the film from 150 to 300% (200% standard).

Standard Features Include:
• Cycle pause feature
• Top film over wrap control feature (TOC)*
• Electronic film tension adjustment control on control panel
• Safety eye stops arm rotation in emergencies
• Carriage pause control
• Manual control for rotary arm
• Positive home position alignment
• EZ­‐Load® film pre­‐stretch dispenser for 20″ film rolls
• Anti­‐static film rollers with manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
• Dancer bar variable corner compensation
• Top film over wrap control feature (TOC)*